Welcome to the home of Steampowered Mouse!


You’ve landed on the website of Steampowered Mouse Productions. I’ve just started building it and will be adding as time goes on.

This site serves as not only a personal portfolio of my design work and services, but also a landing place for my personal interests – which are pretty varied!

I have a myriad of experience in many different fields – from band and small business graphic and physical support, to production assistant, volunteering at museums, paranormal investigation and research, illustration, music and more. I’ve been known to be a great support and wingman, so to speak, (it was said “Somewhere between Shaggy and Velma” in role.) If you think I may be able to help you with any project – be it design, research, support or even running your table at a convention – please let me know!

I strive to be accepting and open minded. Please don’t be afraid to reach out, even if your views may differ from my own. I always conduct myself as professionally as possible, with a little bit of humor and joy.

– Caite, Owner and Operator at Steampowered Mouse.