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Welcome to the personal blog portion of Steampowered Mouse. The world is so big and beautiful and has so many amazing things. I decided part of what I would do with my website was create a blog to put my thoughts, media I enjoy and ideas. I have such a varied experience with the world, why not share it?

You’ll find a lot of things here. However, I want to put out immediately that what you see here does not affect my professionalism with a job or assignment or my willingness to take on work for organizations. I do not discriminate or turn down jobs based on religion, philosophies, etc. For example, if I post a recipe for beef stew and you want a logo for your vegan restaurant or I talk about green witchcraft and you need an invitation for your Catholic wedding ceremony – reach out! Every designer, salesperson and human has their own thoughts and ideas in the world. I’ve decided to be a little more open about it.

The only time I may politely decline work based on beliefs is if it it harmful, hateful, supports hate organizations or ideals that are discriminatory or hateful towards others

Serious stuff aside – even if you aren’t here because of my freelance work, please feel free to contact me about any of the topics presented! I enjoy fresh conversation and hope to even interview and bring in other people on blog posts.

Be excellent to each other!

Bill & Ted
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